volte-face | 2015 | video | ongoing project

Convert/Pervert/Diverse. The man in crisis. The woman in a trance. Fluids.



recicling memories | february 2012 | series of 16 photographies

A diary belonging to another memories. Where are the diaries? Where are the memories?


beyond black and white | february 2012 | photography | ongoing project

Photos that refer to the time of celluloid, the photometer with needle, the manual focus.
Refer to error. A deliberate error, which questions the beauty and perfection …


one second delay | 2011 | series of 20 photographies

Series of photographs taken with 1st generation digital cameras, which records the image with 1 second of delay. Work selected for the 17th Videobrasil.


gondolas | 2011 | photography

Collaboration in the project of Portuguese artist Antonio Contador. He sent a vinyl compact to artists from different parts of the world and asked that those records were exposed in the cars of artists for 6 months.


dobra | 2003 | performance

Collaboration with Detanico Lain at the 14º International Contemporary Art Festival – Videobrasil [Sesc Pompéia – SP]